zondag 9 oktober 2011

What a Day

Today we went to the clubmatch from the SBTCN and i had taken I've Got The Power whit me
We where standing in the open class male dogs and there where standing 20 dogs in this class
I've Got The Power got a 1st place
Judge Mrs. L. Williams
Here some pictures

I've Got The power in the showring doing his best fore me what a great dog to work whit !!

I've Got The power just the way he is >  my proud

And here whit me on the first place what a day !!!!
Also there where some children from hummer
I want to say to every one thank you fore the great day it was nice to see you all !
His children done very well on the show today all an Excellent
We want to say Congrats !
One son from I've Got The Power got 3th Place in the Jong dog class
26 jong dogs where standing in this class
Judge Mrs.L.Williams

Spiky's Kid's Nutmeg
We want to say congrats to the owners
also fore the handler Well done

It was a great day we had lot's off fun great results and it was nice to see everybody again 

zondag 25 september 2011

Proud To Present !!

We got a new handsome girl in our kennel
Double Trouble Predacha From Dreamstaff Bohemia
9 weeks off waiting and 24-09-2011 it was finaly the day to pick her up and bring her home
This picture has bin taken when i was in CZ to see the puppy's
Now she is at home and she is doing great she has such a great character and from the minut she stept in to our home it was if she have bin here her hole life
All the dogs allready accepted her in the pack and proud i am how it's al going

We want to say thanks to Hanna and Robert from the kennel Dreamstaff Bohemia fore trusting us whit this handsome little girl we are proud to have her in our home 

maandag 29 augustus 2011

Visit Dream Staff Bohemia

27-08-2011 The day i went to visit Robert and Hanna in Tjech to look at the litter from
I've Got The Power and Frisbee Sarrah Minnies

We also have bin to a dogshow
Here Lena whit Maggie a doughter from frisbee her first litter
Lena Congrats whit youre great 3th place ;)

And we have Visit Praag great city

And me Whit all children from Hummer ( I've Got The Power )

And Here also a doughter from hummer
On the picture the owners Tana the breeder and me the male owner ;)

Special Thanks to Hanna and Robert fore the great time and there hospitality !!!!!!!

zondag 17 juli 2011

Also we got some new pictures from Paris

She Is also a Doughter from I've Got The Power ( Hummer ) and Bandit
And we are proud again how this girl is growing up !

Spiky's Kids Cinnamon and Spiky's Kids Doughter Love Predacha

Two Doughters From I've Got The Power and Spiky's Kids Red Hot Chillipepper
Here they are together and we just love them
Spiky's Kids Dougther Love Predacha
Spiky's Kids Cinnamon

New pictures from the litter from Gunnel and Hummer

I´ve Got The Power "Hummer" & Little Frogs Lambrusco Donelli "Gunnel"
On these pictures they are 6,5 week old and we love the way how they are growing up !
Just enjoy .....